BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian is an international engineering corporation that provides following field services: 1- Oil and Gas a. Conceptual, basic and detailed design of open art units such as desalting unit, fractionation units, solvent production units, Asphalt production units and so on for light and heavy crude oil and Gas condensate. b. Detail design of Treating units such as Hydro treating, Catalytic reforming, Thermal and Catalytic Cracking, Isomerization, Di-Aromitization De-Mercaptanization for light and Heavy crude oil and Gas condensate. c. Basic and detailed design of open art units such as sweetening, Drying, compression and gas injection for natural gas. d. Detail design of methanol units, Urea, Ammonia, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PDH and so on for petrochemical plants. 2- Power Plant a. Solar power plants: Is based on the conversion of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic equipment (PV) The Type of services includes following items: • Engineering Design Services Includes the Basic and Detail Engineering Design of oil & gas field projects. Preparing the engineering documents of a plant is the most important stage of the project. BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian with experienced engineers in Process, Piping, Mechanic, Machinery, Instrument, Electrical, Civil, Architecture, Telecommunication and … disciplines is ready to present engineering design services in all type of oil and gas field projects. • Engineering Services to Procurement Stage Service to procurement stage including the preparation of all required documents for procurement stage including MTOs, MRs, and TBEs are another capabilities of the BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian Corporation. Holding meeting with experienced Vendors to supply all required data in procurement stage are another services available in this corporation. • Procurement Services BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian Co. with specialists in procurement stage is ready to present all required activities in Project Procurement Phase. Purchasing the All required Mechanical Devices and packages, Instrument of the project, cables, Electrical transformers, pipes and fittings and … is done based on Procurement Documents. . • Construction Services As the required facilities entering to the site, our specialist and expert technicians in site of the project start the installation of the equipment. Civil works (foundations and structures and …) are done by expert civil engineers. After finishing civil works and installing all equipment, all required piping works will be done as prepared isometrics in engineering phase. Instrument will be installed later and the plant will be ready for the pre-commissioning stage. • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Services After finishing all installation and checking, plant should be tested before start-up. The expert and experienced commissioning team of BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian is ready to provide all required services to start the plant based on what is designed in engineering phase. Checking all bottleneck points based on experiences is very important in this phase. By considering all required items in this phase plant is being ready to deliver to the client. Our expert operators will be available to service to client. • Project Finance Projects with high internal return rate will be financed by BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian Co. Finding the international financers based on corporation communication with international traders is possible and BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian can help the clients for finance. BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian can handle following EPC projects:  Optimized De-mercaptanization and Fractionation of Gas-Condensate Mini-Refineries  Fractionation and Desulfurization of High Capacity Refineries.  Desulfurization Projects in order to treat the products of several Mini-Refineries. The most part of these projects can be handled in IRAN.