Treating Gas- Condensate

Treating the Gas-condensate contains the De-mercaptanization Units and De-sulfurization units. Removing light mercaptans and converting heavy mercaptans to Disulfides is the goal of De-mercaptanization units. De-sulfurization goal is eliminating of all Sulfur compounds from Gas-Condensate and decreasing the total Sulfur value of the feed. Combination of these units also is an effective way to decrease the load of expensive De-sulfurization units. Actually the smart combination of units increases the CAPEX of the project while decreases the OPEX. Utilizing the De-sulfurization units is feasible for Refineries. But applying this method for Mini-Refineries makes them economically unfeasible. The BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian corporation capabilities include Basic and Detail Engineering Design, service to Procurement, Procurement Activities, Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Finance (EPCCF) of De-Mercaptanization process units, Desulfurization process units and the combination of these units. The optimized engineering design of the corporation engineering teams makes the projects economically feasible.