BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian With more than 15 years experiences in oil and gas fields tries to Design the Plants with the best quality.

Treating Gas- Condensate

Treating the Gas-condensate contains the De-mercaptanization Units and De-sulfurization units. Removing light mercaptans and converting heavy mercaptans to Disulfides is the goal of De-mercaptanization units. De-sulfurization goal is eliminating of all Sulfur compounds from Gas-Condensate and decreasing the total Sulfur value of the feed. Combination of these units also is an effective way to decrease the load of expensive De-sulfurization units. Actually the smart combination of units increases the CAPEX of the project while decreases the OPEX. Utilizing the De-sulfurization units is feasible for Refineries. But applying this method for Mini-Refineries makes them economically unfeasible. The BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian corporation capabilities include Basic and Detail Engineering Design, service to Procurement, Procurement Activities, Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Finance (EPCCF) of De-Mercaptanization process units, Desulfurization process units and the combination of these units. The optimized engineering design of the corporation engineering teams makes the projects economically feasible.


BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian is an international engineering corporation that provides following field services: 1- Oil and Gas a. Conceptual, basic and detailed design of open art units such as desalting unit, fractionation units, solvent production units, Asphalt production units and so on for light and heavy crude oil and Gas condensate. b. Detail design of Treating units such as Hydro treating, Catalytic reforming, Thermal and Catalytic Cracking, Isomerization, Di-Aromitization De-Mercaptanization for light and Heavy crude oil and Gas condensate. c. Basic and detailed design of open art units such as sweetening, Drying, compression and gas injection for natural gas. d. Detail design of methanol units, Urea, Ammonia, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PDH and so on for petrochemical plants. 2- Power Plant a. Solar power plants: Is based on the conversion of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic equipment (PV) The Type of services includes following items: • Engineering Design Services Includes the Basic and Detail Engineering Design of oil & gas field projects. Preparing the engineering documents of a plant is the most important stage of the project. BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian with experienced engineers in Process, Piping, Mechanic, Machinery, Instrument, Electrical, Civil, Architecture, Telecommunication and … disciplines is ready to present engineering design services in all type of oil and gas field projects. • Engineering Services to Procurement Stage Service to procurement stage including the preparation of all required documents for procurement stage including MTOs, MRs, and TBEs are another capabilities of the BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian Corporation. Holding meeting with experienced Vendors to supply all required data in procurement stage are another services available in this corporation. • Procurement Services BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian Co. with specialists in procurement stage is ready to present all required activities in Project Procurement Phase. Purchasing the All required Mechanical Devices and packages, Instrument of the project, cables, Electrical transformers, pipes and fittings and … is done based on Procurement Documents. . • Construction Services As the required facilities entering to the site, our specialist and expert technicians in site of the project start the installation of the equipment. Civil works (foundations and structures and …) are done ...

Available Process Units for Treating Gas- Condensate

1. De-Mercaptanization Units Removing light mercaptans and converting heavy mercaptans to Disulfides is the goal of De-mercaptanization units. Products with low mercaptane content and converted mercaptans can be handled more easily in comparison to the Gas-Condensate Feed. For Mini- Refineries with low capacity of producing Naphtha and Gas-oil it is recommended to use this method. It decrease the load of desulfurization and increase the life time of downstream fractionation units. Optimizing the cut ranges in fractionation units is very important for controlling the load of De-sulfurization unit. It is not economic to install De-sulfurization facilities for one mini-refinery. But it is economically feasible to install a De-sulfurization facilities to treat the products of 2, 3 or 4 mini-Refineries. Utilizing the DM Units before desulfurization increase the capability of downstream De-sulfurization unit and determine the number of min-refineries that a Desulfurization can make treatment on their products. The main parts of this operation consist of following steps: • Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptans C1-C2 Extraction. • Mercaptans C2-C3 Extraction. • Heavy Mercaptans Oxidation 2. De-Sulfurization Units The Goal of Desulfurization Units are to eliminate all Sulfur compounds from Naphtha and Gas-oil. HDS process units in high temperature and pressure decrease the total sulfur below 50 ppm (Gasoline with Euro IV Standard). This process unit is expensive and should be designed for high flow rate of feed to be economically feasible. The main part of this unit consist of following items: • Hydrogen compression unit • Feed pressurizing Unit • HDS Reactor 3. Combination of De-mercaptanization and De-Sulfurization units via optimized Fractionation Combination of these two methods and selecting the optimized cut range in fractionation units are the most important skills of the BEIN AL Qasrain,Kavir Sahar Iranian Co. These practices and skills help to increase the lifetime of catalyst, decrease the rate of catalyst in HDS unit and decrease the Hydrogen consumption of HDS units for a specific capacity of Naphtha and Gasoil in comparison to conventional treatments.

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